G6PD Blood Testing

Fast, Affordable Diagnosis for G6PD Deficiency

We know that getting a proper diagnosis of G6PD Deficiency can be challenging.  By using a simple blood test - you can easily identify G6PD Deficiency for yourself and your family. 

Order now - fast, convenient G6PD Deficiency diagnostic blood testing through our partner, Ulta Labs - at the very low cost of $38, at Quest Diagnostic and other reputable labs within the USA.

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What do the results mean? A normal result for the G6PD blood test is 7.0-20.5 U/g Hgb. Per the World Health Organization (WHO), “clinically significant G6PD deficiency” is enzyme activity less than 30% ( < 3 U/g Hb) in adults & children. In our community, we find that males tend to have levels around 0.8-2 while females tend to have levels around 4-7.

Man getting his blood drawn